For me, hockey started over 40 years ago — it was in my family. From the Canadians that played for the R.I. Reds who rented rooms at my grandmother’s house near the old RI auditorium, to my first day at Dudley Richards rink with my dad as an EP Blue, hockey has been a big part of my life. And it’s been a big part of the life of the people on my staff, as well as the people I’ve served in the hockey community for twenty years.


I’ve been lucky to work in the business of the game I love, but it’s not just the love of the game that makes my job great. It’s the relationships that I’ve formed over the years: the parents and the coaches that I’ve become friends with, and the little guys that I suited up so many years ago who are now graduating from college and someday will be bringing their kids in to see me for their first pair of skates.


I started Ray’s in 1998 and twenty years later we’re still going strong. Honesty, integrity, and a “do whatever it takes to help the customer” attitude has proven to be a successful recipe.


Thank you for visiting our site. I hope we can serve you soon.



- ALL the major brands, and the hottest new brands too
- Full line of high-end equipment, and price points for the budget-minded customer
- We buy in volume too – our prices are just as good as chain stores and online sites


We know:


- What you need for your level of play
- What you need to boost yourself to a higher level of play
- How to keep your equipment working for you


- The best gear won’t give you an edge if it doesn’t fit right
- And for the beginner, poor fit can turn a fun sport into a miserable experience
- Standard gear won’t work for you? We’ll help you get the custom equipment you need


- Hockey players are hard on their equipment — stuff happensSave money – we’ll help you care for your equipment to make it last longer
- We provide a full range of skate sharpening services

- Players are often surprised at how much a custom hollow or custom radius enhances their game


- New to hockey? No problem. We’ve fit hundreds of beginners over the years
- We’re part of the hockey community. Check out the organizations we’ve worked with over the years